Expediting Services

We can expedite items for you around Anchorage. Our services have helped customers who are in a village or otherwise are not able to transport their goods from point to point in Anchorage.

Below are listed several examples:

  1. Your company needs tools or parts to be dropped off at an air taxi in time for a flight so that you can finish the job in the village.
  2. You are working in a village and have sent samples to Anchorage, but you need someone to take them to the lab.
  3. You need someone to pick up a washing machine (or other appliance) and take it to the shipping company so that it can be delivered to you in your village.
  4. There is a specific item you need from a store, but that store doesn’t take credit card payment over the phone and you don’t have anyone in town to pick it up for you.
  5. You are travelling from out of state on your way to a village, but the Anchorage layover does not permit enough time for you to run an errand.
  6. You need an envelope or package dropped off at FedEx or UPS.

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