Zita Air Service, LLC is an on demand air carrier based in Anchorage, Alaska.  We also supply groceries and other goods to people of Southwest Alaska by means of catalog sales. We most frequently service the following villages:IMG_1324

  • Ekwok
  • New Stuyahok
  • Koliganek
  • Levelock
  • Igiugig
  • Kokhanok
  • Pedro Bay
  • Nondalton
  • Iliamna


We currently operate a Piper Cherokee Lance. We aim to provide a service to our customers that safe, efficient, and reliable. We also seek to deliver groceries in a timely manner, while guaranteeing freshness and quality.


At Zita, we value

  1. Safety: in all operations,
  2. Efficiency: in the production of all work, and
  3. Respect: in all relationships—Customer, employee, community.





Hi, my name is Danielle Troll, owner and operator of Zita Air. I was born and raised in Anchorage, Alaska and have always had a love for my home here. I began working in the industry in 2009 as a shopper and expediter, and began flying the groceries in 2013. Since 2016 Zita Air has been operating as an air carrier, and we are continually refining the business with more vision for its future. I am thankful for what I have learned through the challenges of working in the industry, and through meeting people who were willing to share their knowledge with me. I am also thankful for all of my customers and the opportunity I have been given to serve them.